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IPS Community Suite 4.5.0 Final Yayınlandı

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Beta 10 bugün yayınlandı. Çok az kaldı finale temacılar da harekete geçti artık.

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MySimS3k®, 29.07.2020 - 09:58 yazdı:


Abi v5 ne zaman gelir bir tahminin var mı?


Üzerinde çalışıyorlardır gizli gizli bilemiyorum.  Bu sürüm çok sıkıntılı.  

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4.5.0 New Release olarak bugün geldi. 



The following items have been marked as deprecated in Invision Community 4.5. This means that while they currently work, they will be removed in a future version and will no longer receive bug reports.


  • Authorize.net Payment Gateway.
  • Web Hosting & Domain support.


  • BBCode parsing support - upgrading users will be asked during upgrade if they wish to retain BBCode parsing support, while new installations will have the option off by default.
  • APC, Memcache, Wincache and Xcache caching engines , we recommend using Redis instead

Feature Removal

The following features have been removed in Invision Community 4.5.


  • We will no longer address any issues specific to Internet Explorer 11 and below and will not ensure compatibility with those versions.
  • ImageProxy has been removed. On upgrade, there is an option to restore the original remote image links, or direct links to the cached image which will be retained.


  • REST API 'files' response in REST API, see /downloads/files/{id}/download instead.

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4.5.2 public release olarak yayınlandı artık kullanıcılar sistemden güncelleme yapabilecek. 

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