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IPS News kullanıcısının son zaferi 22 Kasım 2015

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  1. IPS News

    Menu/Navigation Icons

    This applications lets you upload an icon or use a fontawesome icon on the menu/navigation. It is fully built into the menu manager so no learning curve required. I'll release updates and whatnot, let me know what you think! Devamına bak
  2. IPS News

    Theme Dark Gaming

    This is an amazing theme for ipb 4.2.x Devamına bak
  3. IPS News

    "%OB" Fix for Upcoming Events Widget

    This is a very simple plugin that fixes the annoying "%OB" issue with the Upcoming Events widget. It's an issue with all BSD systems and potentially other systems as well. This plugin overrides "%OB" with "%B", which these systems can understand. Easy! Install instructions: Add as a plugin in your AdminCP Clear your forum's cache. To do so: Go to the "Get Support" page in your AdminCP Select "Something isn't working correctly" Click "Continue" Your forum's cache has been cleared! (You are free to leave the Support page and not continue) The Upcoming Events widget should be fixed! This was developed on 4.2.8. I'll update this plugin if it stops working. Or if the plugin stops working, let me know in a PM. 👍 Devamına bak
  4. IPS News

    Font Awesome icons for forums

    LibterForumsIcons plugin adds setting which allows assigning Font Awesome icons to forums. Planned features Setting forums colors. Icons and colors inheritance from parent forum. Devamına bak
  5. IPS News

    (ThemeTree) Forum Description

    This mod will add your forum description above the forum section title. How to install: Download the .xml file. Then, go to your ACP and then plugins and click to install the .xml file. Configuration: To configure this plugin, click the edit option of this plugin and it will take you to the Settings page. Keep up with ThemeTree By: Registering, so you can get upcoming news and updates, and 24/7 support on our forums. Following us on Dribbble (https://dribbble.com/Themetree). You can find out our latest upcoming themes and shots. Contacting us at admin@themetree.net. Devamına bak
  6. IPS News

    (NB42) Downloads Extra Fields Reposition

    This plugin allow you display selected extra fields below a file description. These fields will be removed from sidebar. Request Support topic Devamına bak
  7. IPS News

    WorldGame Dark Theme [ GAMING ]

    DEMO Worldgame a beautiful dark gaming theme . Devamına bak
  8. IPS News

    Canned Replies

    This resource will provide canned replies to frequently asked questions for both the members and the staff. Canned replies can be shared. Member can create them in two ways: PRIVATE or PUBLIC. Public replies will be visiable and available to be used by all members allowed to use the resource, but only editable by its authors. Settings: Groups allowed to use the Canned Replies Content to use Canned Replies Topics and Comments in all apps that uses Comments modal, including 3rd-party resources. It will vary according to the applications you have installed in your board. Number of replies per page Note: Canned Replies tab on navigation bar will appear only for those who can use the resource. Devamına bak
  9. IPS News

    Enhanced Widgets

    Download Enhanced Widgets and liven up your board with some tasty looking widgets Features nice new design instead of the default IPS widgets, Shows the prefix of the topics if one is set with a nice coloured box around the prefix, Select what forums to show the results from, Select the limit of results to show on each widget, You can also pick the topic prefix colours on each widget, This currently has 6 widgets but more will be coming ( Let me know what sort of ones you would like ) Recent posts ( Shows a list of the recent posts ) Recent topics ( Shows a list of the recent topics ) Trending topics ( Hot Topics ) ( Shows a list of the hot topics ) Lounge ( Shows a list of the topics from your chosen forum ) Members per group ( Shows a 3D pie chart of the member count per group ) Posts per forum ( Shows a 3D pie chart of the post count per forum ) Devamına bak
  10. IPS News

    Clubs Card on Forums Index

    This widget will display clubs card on Forums index. Users will see Clubs he has permission to view. Settings: Number of club cards to display Sort Clubs by: Latest Activity, Most Members, Most Content, Latest Created or Name Position: Above or below Forums categories Devamına bak
  11. IPS News

    WorldGame Theme [ GAMING ]

    DEMO Worldgame a beautiful dark gaming theme . Devamına bak
  12. IPS News

    Awards or Badges

    Nice and clean awards or badges. Devamına bak
  13. IPS News

    Swap Comments/Reviews Tab Order

    Will swap REVIEWS and COMMENTS tabs position in the following applications: Calendar Downloads Gallery Pages Devamına bak
  14. IPS News

    (DP42) Appointments System

    It is very nice to present the latest product - appointments system. This is a modification to make appointments - nail salons, beauticians, hairdressers, mechanical plants (car repair) and many more. Extensive capabilities and SMS notifications (you must have an account on twilio.com) will not let you miss the visit. Transparent panel for administration and plant owners (topic authors), the ability to add services with prices, employees can choose their days off. Customers can arrange according to the available criteria. Employees can mark completed orders as done and many more. There is special option to select one custom profile field - it would become a "work place" field. This whole system it's a combination of three mods and apps (appointments system, special profile field and business hours). If you have questions, I invite you to PM. More screens: Devamına bak
  15. IPS News

    LibterCounter (configurable time counter)

    LibterCounter plugin adds highly configurable time counter widget which works both in horizontal and vertical orientation. Configuration Widget title Counter type (since forum start, since given time or until given time) Counter precision (ability to disable years, days or centiseconds) Devamına bak

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