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  1. When you share forum topics or forum posts on social media sites like Facebook, the site’s default sharer image will currently be used, which doesn’t work well as representation of specific forum discussions. This plugin will use the first image uploaded as attachment in a topic and set it as as Open Graph image (“og:image”), so social media sites (Facebook, Twitter and more) can use it as thumbnail image to represent the link. The process is fully automatic. There are no settings and no image needs to be picked manually. What’s needed: IPS 4.3 in its most recent version with the Forums application Note: This plugin only adds the attachment image to the source code, so Facebook and other social media services can pick it up. There is no guarantee, that the image will be used instantly and that later changes to the forum images will be used by social media services. Facebook caches the images and loads them asynchronously. So when you share an URL for the first time, the image might not show instantly. If you want to test what Facebook is picking up, go to https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/sharing/ If you don’t see an image for your topic URL or it is an outdated one, click “Scrape again” until the correct image is loaded. Devamına bak
  2. Remove or limit the number of parent categories that are displayed in Pages category friendly urls. Requires the Pages application. Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases. Devamına bak
  3. This plugin will add a new option in IGNORE settings to disallow specific users from buying your files. Requirements: Downloads app Commerce app Integration between Downloads and Commerce enabled Devamına bak
  4. This plugin will add a small notification badge in admin user bar to show number of users awaiting admin validation (Manual Approval). On badge click, the admin is redirected to admin/members section... This's an initial release, and assumed to have more enhancements in the future depending on your feedback and suggestions. Devamına bak
  5. Show the most important news with the most beautiful plugins on your site Options: Enable/Disable Typewriter ُSet 4 Different Typewriter Set Background Set color Icon(fontawesome) Demo Devamına bak
  6. Report Member Profiles by @Fosters allows users to report other users directly from the profile. When users visit a profile, they will see a "Report Member" button. Users are required to submit a brief explanation. This sends a report to the Moderator Control Panel (ModCP), where moderators can then view or filter reports in a new "Reported Members" section. Like other reports, moderators can mark the report as New, Under Review, or Complete. Devamına bak
  7. This allows you to make a simply drop down status menu widget. You can set titles for sections, and toggle the status of that section to be on/off or even not have a status. You can change the pictures that are used within the status as well. Users can collapse a section if they do not want to see the information. == Maximum Drop Downs: 20 Maximum Sections In Each Drop Down: 30 Devamına bak
  8. Profile Privacy by @Fosters allows your users to protect their profiles. Users can edit their profile by choosing 3 privacy levels: All Users Registered Users Administrators Coding Commitment We follow IPS 4.3 coding standards, which means that this app works well for both Community in the Cloud and Self-Hosted clients. It also doesn't add any new tabs to the core tables, ensuring superior performance for Enterprise Communities and Big Boards. Devamına bak
  9. Activity stream entries for the Pages app look rather dull compared to entries from other apps. This plugin improves that. If you use the record image field for your Pages databases, the images for each entry will show in Activity Streams for new records and optionally comments and reviews. What’s needed: IPS 4.3 in its most recent version with the Pages application Devamına bak
  10. This application integrates Twitch into your forum! It includes the Twitch Sign-in Method, Streams Widget, and a Twitch tab that shows a member's Twitch stream on their profile page. Features: Includes and integrates Twitch Sign-In Method A streams widget that displays live streams on your forum Cleaner admin interface to manage streams on your forum Streams update without page refresh (AJAX) Members watch streams right on the forum Displays member's Twitch stream in their member profile ( Applies to members that link Twitch ) Gathers member's recent videos and displays them on their profile Game Filter to filter out streams based on games Uses the latest Twitch API It is recommended to read the Readme file included before installation of the application. Compatible with 4.3+ Devamına bak
  11. This plugin forces most user links throughout the Invision Community to display member group color/formatting. This applies in all places where the \IPS\Member object is used to produce links to a member. Your user name in the cover photo and also on profile hovercards (when you cursor over a username/photo and the mini profile appears) remain un-formatted and probably should remain that way as background images will nearly always conflict with the group formatted color and should remain white. See below. If you are wondering why some areas do not have formatted names and others do that is because there are many different ways the userlink is created throughout the suite. If the IPS\Member object is used the group color will be applied automatically. In EVERY other instance additional coding is required. Sometimes easy, other times not. Search and Stream Results are particularly challenging as they actually involve language files with variable passed directly to the language construct. As is right now you will see Search and Stream Results do have group formatting applied but the trailing possessive does not - i.e. Fate's topic. There may be away around this but it will require new language bits and that means translations and so on... Version 12 is 4.3 compatible and FREE - find it attached below. Version 11 is the last compatible version for 4.2 and is also FREE - find it attached below. Both version 11 and 12 are no longer supported! Version 13 and onward is paid and supported (as far as future Invision Community system changes will allow me) This mod is beer/coffee priced. $7 with $4/year renewal. Just got to the point where the support requests (and patches for IPS changes) took too much time away from other things. FREE Group Color on User Link 12 - 4.3 only.xml FREE Group Color on User Link 11 - 4.2 only.xml Devamına bak
  12. If your site's like mine, people consistently use the Contact Us form to ask questions that are better suited for the forums. I searched all over and couldn't find a way to put a message explaining what to use the form for. So I made my own way. This plugin lets you set a custom message to be displayed above the contact form, using a WYSIWYG editor. Built on 4.3.1, and tested on 4.2.9. I make no promises this won't interfere with other 3rd party alterations to the Contact Us form. Devamına bak
  13. 4.2.x and 4.3.x Compatible! How does this work? During the indexing process for an IPS Pages database record the field you have flagged as "Content" is processed by the IPS indexing method. After that is complete, this plugin checks that the overall item is indeed a Pages database record and looks for text, text area, and editor fields that are also a part of the record. If those fields have been flagged by you with this plugin to be included in the search index those areas are then collected, stripped of HTML elements to retain only the pure text content (Editor fields only), and then appended to the end of the initial indexed data (that field you have marked as "Content"). That field content is now in the search index and, naturally, searchable! When does this actually apply? When records are saved (initial creation) and when edited of course. Also during search index rebuilds. What happens if I remove this plugin or disable it? Those additional fields will no longer be indexed. Any of those fields previously indexed with records will remain in the index until the record is edited again or you rebuild the search index. I can't stop you or your other admins from doing... interesting things. This plugin does EXACTLY what it says, no more, no less. The plugin also is not psychic so when one of your admins decides to do some server work and disables this (and other plugins) but people are still making entries on the front end the result will be pretty much what you expect... What happens if IPS decides to finally include this functionality themselves? Remove this plugin, do whatever is required of the new IPS functionality, rebuild the search index. This plugin only appends the additional text to the search index entry (which for Pages database records is whatever the content of the field flagged as "content" contains, minus HTML code) and makes no actual changes to the record content itself. Why hasn't this been included by IPS before? Appending specifically? Permissions. Searchable fields in general? A structural challenge with the overall IPS content model. What do you mean? Every database field can have custom permissions. For example, you can create a bug tracker where there are publicly view-able fields and then other fields that only staff can see. However, there is only a single search index content entity that is searched - not separate searchable entries for every field. That means that every field you append to the search index with this plugin MUST be a field you want everyone to be able to see. When viewing a record those field permissions will of course apply, but with this information appended to the single searchable index entry you risk the chance that a search result will display with that formerly staff-only field and now everyone will know your admins are calling other members "buttheads" or worse. Be careful! For IPS to solve this, they would need to treat all additional text, editor, and text area fields as totally separate entities to be inserted into the search index. The management of that endeavor will require some engineering. We didn't get additional searchable fields in the 3x line, not with the initial 4.0.x hotness, and with 4.3 now it still appears to be a distant dream. I got tired of waiting. For my use case I can write a totally custom app, with separate databases for every "field" I want to be searchable and then handle everything with joins and all that on the back-end, or I can just append the two text fields I need searchable to the main content field with this plugin and call it a day. It might be possible to swing this by using the relational functions in Pages but I've never gotten them to work all that well to be honest. Future development? Looking at filtering out content from being indexed by entering a regex equation. If the content of the field matches your regex, this plugin will not append it to the search index entry. This will cut down on search index spam if the text fields you are appending often contain repetitious entries and you'd rather just index out the more unique ones. Maybe numbers? Both the above and this are totally doable, but let's just get this out the door first shall we? OK, great, but I already have a massive database. I installed this and set the fields I wanted to be indexed in this database. I get that new records going forward will have the field values added to the search index but what about old records? Manually edit each one (edit and save, no need to change anything) or if that is way too much work (it probably is) head into the ACP - System - Content Discovery - Search and rebuild the search index. That should do it! Can't we rebuild just a single Pages database search index by itself? Nope, sorry. IPS does not have the ability to just rebuild a single application's search index at this time - or if it does exist it is not available in the ACP. $20 to buy, $6 year renew but honestly consider the renew a tip jar as this is more or less "done" as it is. Devamına bak
  14. Create the community frontpage you always wanted just with drag&drop! This plugin & template set let’s you create a beautiful frontpage in the style of magazines or newspapers. You can display content from all your IPS apps: Core (Clubs, Calendar), Forums, Pages, Gallery, Downloads, Blogs. That’s 9 block types in total! But there is more: You choose the look of each block from 6 different layouts! Mix and match however you like! Feature a single article, show your recent clubs, albums, blog entries … It’s totally up to you. And instead of the dull stock block listings, SuperBlocks are appealing and engaging by showing images and teaser texts from the items of your feeds. What’s needed: IPS 4.3 in its most recent version with the Pages application You should be familiar with setting up Pages blocks How does it work: The SuperBlocks plugin provides templates for regular Pages custom feed blocks. So you get the full power of Pages custom blocks with all their settings and filters. And you use the blocks like any Pages block. You just add a SuperBlocks template to create a more stylish look for the block. The SuperBlocks templates can be used in the main content area of any community page, which supports drag&drop slots. It doesn’t work in the sidebar and is not meant for pages with multiple content columns (e.g. a 3-column Pages page). You can create entire Page Builder pages with SuperBlocks or place individual blocks anywhere on your site. SuperBlocks in the main content work with or without a sidebar next to them. The layouts are chosen through the number of items you pick (or have) in your feed block. A value of “1” creates one big featured entry. “2” puts two entries next to each other. “3“ puts three entries in a row. “4” features the first entry and shows the other three entries as a list. “5” uses a two by three grid. “6” features one entry, shows images for two more entries and shows the rest as text only in another row. Higher values than six will be ignored. SuperBlocks are of course responsive and by default the templates will try to balance the use of hi-res and low-res images. You can fine-tune this in the plugin settings in accordance with your app image settings and the pages your are creating using SuperBlocks. What’s included: Pages block templates in 6 different styles for each of the following feed types: Pages: Record Feed Forum: Topic Feed Post Feed Calendar: Upcoming Events Clubs: Club Feed Download: Files Feed Blog: Entry Feed Gallery: Image Feed Album Feed A settings plugin with these features Show block titles on desktop Show block titles on tablets Show block titles on phones Key color Secondary color Badge overlay color Image settings per app to influence quality and page loading Devamına bak
  15. A Dark theme for IPB 4.3.x Upgrade for Includes: PSD Files for logo Choose to install theme with or without slider Dark CKEditor Theme Readme.txt file (includes installation instructions) Themed for the following: Forum Blog Gallery Downloads Pages Chat Commerce Calendar Leaderboard You will be able to upgrade to all future 4.3.x that IPS release and should not affect the theme (if it does then please contact me Terms & Conditions: To be installed on one forum only, to install on more than one then you will need to purchase skin again (contact me for discounts for purchasing more than one skin). You are not allowed to re-sell the skin or make profit directly from the skin. You do not have the right to redistribute this skin set in any way. Copyright removal available at extra cost, contact me for details. Devamına bak
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