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  2. Oblivion light theme

    New light theme for the new IPS 4.2.x The third theme in the Oblivion series with blue foucs in a light version. Live Demo at my site. New nice css function with hover flip in the menu. Change theme to Oblivion light in the bottom "Themes" Should fit all applications that IPS has to offer. Choose between two version, with footer or wihout footer. This theme is only for IPS 4.2.x Advanced footer with up to 4 column. Background and pattern images uploads. Devamına bak
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  4. S.W.A.T

    S.W.A.T Theme First install add-ons, next install theme and theme editor. Support website: http://szablonet.pl Live demo (change style s.w.a.t) : Click! Admin panel settings: Slider settings: Social settings: Add-ons (must be installed!): Devamına bak
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  6. Downloads Reports

    This resource will restore a feature from IP.Downlodas 2.5.X (IP.Board 3.4): it will display files and members reports. Reports: File: All members who downloaded a file Member: All files a member has uploaded All files a member has downloaded Devamına bak
  7. Full Italian Translation iAwards 1.1.1

    This is the full italian translation of the iawards 1.1.1 version for IPS 4.2.X Devamına bak
  8. (SD) SMSAPI Notifications

    Plugin allows you to send SMS notifications about purchases made in our forum store. We have two types of notifications: new order notification and invoice paid notification. Devamına bak
  9. Downloads Support Topics Tool

    This tool will create missing support topics for Downloads files. Permission: EDIT CATEGORY in Downloads cateegories required. Devamına bak
  10. Italian translation Chatbox 2.0.0

    This is the italian translation for (BIM42) Chatbox 2.0.0 Devamına bak
  11. Page Authors

    Are you tired of creating, managing, and changing multiple membergroups just so users can write a new article? Page Authors by @Fosters allows individual users to write new records in IP.Page Database Categories. Users can be assigned to categories, so they Add and Edit their own articles. This app overrides their normal group's permission, which may not have permission. This is great if you need Users to contribute to: News stories Knowledge wikis Resource directories Personal blogs created in IP.Pages All without having to move or reassign users to different membergroups or mess with membergroup permissions! Just add the user and go. !! REQUIREMENT !! This application requires IP.Pages. Devamına bak
  12. Custom Email Wrappers

    This modification is useful if you need to send different email templates for different purposes. For example, you may wish for your forum notifications and digests to use a simple wrapper, while commerce payment notifications will include upgrade links and additional information related to purchases. Uses IPS template logic All member properties are available to be used in the wrapper Use different wrappers for different applications Use different wrappers for individual email templates Specify wrappers for bulk mail Devamına bak
  13. Caffeine by ThemeTree

    Caffeine -is beautiful and clean with the special plugin Drystone that replaces the old grid into beautiful grid columns that your community will love a lot. *NEW* Framework You don’t just get a simple theme, you’ll get settings that will change the default framework into your own. It’s your website, make it yours! *NEW* Language Setting Keys In this theme, we've set up the language keys for our settings. I know all of you were dying to wait for this, so you can understand the settings very well. *NEW* Block Content When you enable the block content, it'll put your very own block below the guest message. To fetch the block key, there will be an info message below the setting field called "Enable block content?". *NEW* (BETA) Forum Grids into Drystone In our framework, we introduce you Drystone.js in the forum grid layout. In the settings, you'll be able to change how much columns you want and change the gutter between the vertical and horizontal space between each item in the grid. Note: To test out the new grid layout on the demo board, you must be logged in and chosen the forum grid view. Header Background Color/Image You'll get to choose either a background image or background color (default) to suite your needs and for your community. *NEW* Secondary Footer: Twitter Integration Introducing Twitter integration! In the configuration settings, you'll be able to enable/disable, modify the Twitter footer title, and of course, input your user profile name. *NEW* Social Icons In our new framework, we introduce you with new social icons: Instagram, Dribbble, Soundcloud, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. *NEW* Back to Top Also in our framework, when you scroll down, you'll see the back to top button so you don't have to scroll yourself. Guest Message You will get a guest message that displays everywhere of consisting of a title and a short paragraph of what's possible when your guest creates an account. Google Font Choose your own font to be display everywhere on your forum. Google Font Weight(s) Put more styles into the new font you chose. Override Site Title Spice up your site title by putting in the title you want to be display on the header. Enable Secondary Footer Need more storage for the footer? Don’t worry, we created another footer so you can store more stuff or anything that you want inside. Secondary Footer: About Us Also on the secondary footer, we made an about us section so you can describe your site and your users interests. Appearance You will get setting(s) of changing the default colors to your own liking. And much more! Theme Demo Go here to read about previewing themes on the demo board. Test Account Wanna look more into our themes? Well, now ThemeTree supports a test account for all of our themes. So no more looking at those screenshots or even looking at our themes live. Login to the test account and browse the contents. Display Name: TestAccount123 Password: testyaccount123 Keep up with ThemeTree By: Registering, so you can get upcoming news and updates, and 24/7 support on our forums. Following us on Dribbble (https://dribbble.com/Themetree). You can find out our latest upcoming themes and shots. Contacting us at admin@themetree.net. Devamına bak
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  15. Sidebar Forums

    This plugin will display the categories/forums/subforums in a widget, just like happens with other apps (Pages, Downloads, etc.). Widget setting: Number of subforums to display Notes: Permissions honored: user will view categories/forums with permission to view. Althought it is named Sidebar, the block can also the used in the main area. Devamına bak
  16. S3 Compatible Downloads

    Non-Amazon S3 storage services do work with IPS 4.1x. Add your endpoint, key, secret, and sub-directory and custom url if needed, assign to some file category such as attachments or Gallery images and off you go! However, these Non-Amazon S3 services are NOT officially supported by IPS - that's because some of the internal methods have not been altered to handle them. These methods are hard-coded for Amazon S3 exclusively. If you are merely displaying images and the like on the front end, none of this is a problem. It becomes a problem if your end-users are going to download these files - that is when you hit the exclusively Amazon S3 code and the downloads will fail. For example, if you assign non-Amazon S3 storage to save IPS Downloads files, those files will not be downloadable. When the system attempts to make the download URL, it crafts that URL as if you were using Amazon S3, not some other S3-Compatible storage service. The two major areas that this will impact are IPS Downloads files and Attachments (this is what the file storage is called in the Files list in the ACP - it encompasses all attachments such as those you would have anywhere the full editor is used and there is an attachment dropzone.) This plugin intercepts the the URL creation method called on Amazon S3 file storage objects, checks to see if it is an actual Amazon S3 request, and then just passes it on through as usual. If it is NOT an Amazon S3 request, it must be an S3 compatible method, in which case I provide a rudimentary URL to patch this up. It isn't anything fancy: just enough headers to push out the actual file name and trigger your browser to download it. If the attachment or file in question is an image your browser might just pop it up in a new tab, in which case just right click and download it there. This has been tested with the usual modern browsers (minus Safari), and various file-types. All testing was successful. BTW, as an aside, external FTP storage for files is NOT COMPATIBLE with IPS Community in the Cloud. Might want to note that... Free, support through the IPS Marketplace topic for now. Free also means lay off the instantaneous demands for support. I use this too so it's in my interest to keep this going. Support, and this plugin's existence, continues until IPS gets around to actually officially supporting Non-Amazon S3 storage. WARNING! The only item in the entire IPS Suite that marks files as private is IPS Downloads. This plugin will flag them as public. This means a few things: 1) If you are monetizing or otherwise require to fully control access to IPS Downloads files this is probably not the plugin for you. You will need to wait for complete 3rd Party S3 support, or at least specific mods to support obj.space, Digital Oceans Spaces, and so on. It really is just some hump work on getting the signatures correct (and it might be a V2 vs. V4 dance with varying providers as well - IPS just has a hard-coded-to-Amazon V4 method). Give it time, it will happen. 2) If you are using this plugin on an already existing bucket with Downloads files, those files will need to be flagged as public-read for them to download correctly. Again, this plugin is just getting rid of the signatures to allow public files to download correctly from 3rd-party S3 providers. 3) IPS Downloads users on IPS Community in the Cloud may need to wait forever and ever before the plugin will work correctly (forever and ever being defined as more than handful of minutes) as CIC caching takes some time to get things working. You *will* need to be infinitely patient. Like, install and then go drink something for awhile, read a book, etc. Then test. Don't yell at me saying this is broken., It isn't. Tested and verified on both own-hosting and CIC. Enjoy, good luck, etc... Devamına bak
  17. (itzrest) Rest API with authentication

    For one of my projects I needed the possibility to read data from my board. I could not use the built in API because one important thing still is missing: user authentication and only get data the user is allowed to read. So I wrote my own REST API, including user authentication with tokens and a fluent data output. Currently it is not possible to write data. But the plan is to implement that feature in the future. The plugin is currently in a beta state and available for free. In the future there a plans that you have to purchase it. Installation Install the application through uploading it in the ACP Navigate to "Community" > "Itzrest" > "Settings" and insert a random 32 length key. This step is only needed if you want to use authorized access to the API. The key will be used to encode user tokens and authenticate the user if you make API calls. Make sure your webserver supports authentication headers. Otherwise authorized access will not work. That's it. Everything should work like a charme right now. Go on with the next topics Implemented endpoints Currently the following endpoints are implemented (more will be available in the future). And again: at the moment it is only possible to read data. You must prefix every endpoint with /restapi". Forums /forums /forums/<forumId> /forums/<forumId>/topics /forums/posts /forums/posts/<postId> /forums/topics /forums/topics/<topicId> /forums/topics/<topicId>/posts Core /discover/unread /discover /reactions /reactions/<reactionId> /staff/users /staff/users/<userId> /staff/groups /staff/groups/<groupId> /messenger/folders /messenger/folders/<folderId> /messenger/folders/<folderId>/conversations /messenger/conversations /messenger/conversations/<conversationId> /messenger/conversations/<conversationId>/messages /messenger/messages /messenger/messages/<messageId> Calendar /calendars /calendars/<calendarId> /calendars/<calendarId>/comments /calendars/<calendarId>/events /calendars/comments /calendars/comments/<commentId> /calendars/events /calendars/events/<eventId> /calendars/events/<eventId>/reviews /calendars/events/<eventId>/comments /calendars/reviews /calendars/reviews/<reviewId> Gallery /gallery/albums /gallery/albums/<albumId> /gallery/albums/<albumId>/images /gallery/albums/<albumId>/comments /gallery/categories /gallery/categories/<categoryId> /gallery/categories/<categoryId>/images /gallery/categories/<categoryId>/albums /gallery/reviews /gallery/reviews/<reviewId> /gallery/comments /gallery/comments/<commentId> /gallery/images /gallery/images/<imageId> /gallery/images/<imageId>/comments Authentication /auth/login /auth/authenticate Login as user To login as a user you must send a POST Request to the /auth/login endpoint with your username and password: curl \ -d username=max\ -d password=secret\ -X POST <baseurl>/restapi/auth/login As result you will get an object with several user data and the most important thing: the access token: { "data": { "id": "1", "name": "max", "access_token": "********", "photoUrl": "", "birthday": "" } } Keep the token secret and use it for authorized API calls how described in the step "make authorized requests". If you use authentication it would be the best way if you use a secure (https) connection to make API calls. Make requests Nothing more than sending a GET request to a specific endpoint: curl <baseurl>/restapi/<endpoint> For example: If you want to have all available calendars from your board: curl POST <baseurl>/restapi/calendars Your result will be something like that: { "data": [ { "id": "1", "title": "Community Calendar", "title_seo": "community-calendar", "color": "#6E4F99" } ] } Make authorized requests For authorized requests you need an access token. Append the access token as authorization header and make your request: curl \ -H "Authorization: Bearer <token>" \ -X <baseurl>/restapi/forums You can validate if your token is valid by sending a request to the /auth/authenticate endpoint: curl \ -H "Authorization: Bearer <token>" \ -X POST <baseurl>/restapi/auth/authenticate As result you should get a valid user object. Pagination, order If your board has thounsands of posts or threads we must paginate the results. Otherwise the performance of your requests will be horrible. Each endpoint accepts query parameters to sort and paginate your results in an easy way. Therefore each endpoint has a meta node in its result whicht give you information about your current agination state: "meta": { "pagination": { "total": "22", "count": "22", "per_page": "25", "current_page": "1", "total_pages": "1", "links": [] } } Now let us filter / paginate and limit our results: curl <baseurl>/restapi/forums/2/topics?order=title&orderDirection=asc&limit=5&page=2 We will get the following meta output: "meta": { "pagination": { "total": "22", "count": "5", "per_page": "5", "current_page": "2", "total_pages": "5", "links": { "previous": "<baseurl>/restapi/forums/2/topics/?page=1&order=title&orderDirection=asc&limit=5", "next": "<baseurl>/restapi/forums/2/topics/?page=3&order=title&orderDirection=asc&limit=5" } } } Devamına bak
  18. IPB4 Sunucularımızda Ek Özellikler

    Sistem otomatik güncelliyor bakalım sorun çıkarsa el atarız.
  19. IPB4 Sunucularımızda Ek Özellikler

    Abiler maille bildirim atmış
  20. Event Comments/Reviews Tab Order

    Will swap REVIEWS and COMMENTS tab positions in event view. Devamına bak
  21. IPS Community Suite 4.2.5 Final Yayınlandı

    Lisans ve ücretler ile ilgili konu burada Kısa olarak değinmek gerekirse sadece forum Core+Forum toplam 200$. Her altı ayda bir güncelleme almak isterseniz 25$ ödemeniz gerekiyor. Konvert olarak uzman bir kişi yaparsa karakter sorunu olmuyor. Yani bilmek lazım ana forum karakter kodlaması neyse ona göre konvert edilmeli.
  22. IPS Community Suite 4.2.5 Final Yayınlandı

    Merhaba, vBulletin forumum var. Yaklaşık 8 milyon mesajlı. İPB'ye geçmeyi istiyorum uzun zamandır. Ne yapmam lazım. Lisans ücreti ne kadar? Birkaç null ipb ile test yaptım türkçe karakter hataları ççok oluyor. Kısa bir bilgi verirseniz sevinirim. Kolay gelsin.
  23. Wiki Markup for Pages

    This plugin make your Pages application ready to use some of important "Wiki Markups" Some of Markups can be using: [[article name]] or [[article name|test title]] markup for linking to articles. it's support Blue/Red links as well ! Create Section headings with: ==H2 Section headings== and ===H3 Section headings=== Create Templates articles so users can substitution in another articles by this markup: {{template:templatename}} List of all accepted markups are listed inside of package. Also "Wiki works Plugin" can be Perfected by "Infobox Buttons" Devamına bak
  24. Topic Reply/Comment Ban

    This plugin will add a new setting on each topic to ban users from replying to that topic. This can be useful if you want to keep troublesome users or trolls away from certain topics. Only members with permissions to ban users from replying to topics will be able to use this feature. To select the groups that you want to ban users from replying to topics, click the Edit button of the newly installed plugin and you will be taken to the plugin 's Settings page where the groups are listed.. Installation: To install this plugin, log in to your Admin Panel, go to System->Plugins, click the Install New Plugin button and import the plugin 's xml file. Configuration: To configure it, go to the topic where you want to ban users from viewing it, click the Moderation Action link and the Ban Users link. There you can enter the usernames of the users that you want to ban from replying to that topic. Devamına bak
  25. (NB41) Reading Time

    This application will shows the estimated reading time for posts/topics. User/guest can configure the setting "Words per minute". The application include template plugin. So you can use "counter" with other apps editing templates. If you have any questions before purchase please use support topic. Support topic Devamına bak
  26. (1S2K) Your posts from chatbox

    ENG: The plugin shows posts from the chatbox in the profile and on its preview. Chatbox is required in any version. PL: Wtyczka pokazuje wpisy z chatbox'a w profilu i na jego podglądzie. Wymagana jest aplikacja Chatbox w dowolnej wersji. Devamına bak
  27. (1S2K) Secondary Groups Indicator

    ANG: The plugin allows you to display child groups. Plugin works with Group Color on User Link PL: Wtyczka pozwala na wyświetlanie grup podrzędnych. Wtyczka współpracuje z Group Color on User Link Devamına bak
  28. Gender Groups

    This plugin will move/add users automatically to certain group based on their gender. Installation: To install this plugin, log in to your Admin Panel, go to System->Plugins, click the Install New Plugin button and import the plugin 's xml file. Configuration: To configure it, go to the plugins page and click the edit icon of the Gender Group plugin. There you can enable/disable it, select the gender profile field and the gender groups. Important: The text in the male/female gender field, must match precisely that of the gender field that you have set up. In the plugin by default it is set to Male and Female, which is how I have set it up. For example, if you have those field set to Man and Woman, then that is what you should enter. Devamına bak
  29. Slider for Default Theme

    Default Theme with Advanced Slider - Up to 5 slides, cooming soon up to 10 slides - Where to show slider (check it below, on sreenshot) - Permission per slide and guest slide with register form - 5 transition effects and vertical, horizontal direction - Turn on/off navigation and pagination - Autoplay and loop mode ... and more. Devamına bak
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